The series with Tom Winter in the media


TripFiction "Up there with the best thrillers"

"Brilliant thriller"
DAMNATION TripFiction.pdf
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Crime Review "Bond laconic coolness"

"Extremely well researched"
DAMNATION Crime Review.pdf
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Library Journal "The high-finance dealings ring true"

"An impressively modern Bond figure"
DAMNATION Library Journal.pdf
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The Big Thrill "Dead clients are bad for business"

"Bloody fingernails!"
DAMNATION The Big Thrill.pdf
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Mystery People "Reads like a James Bond film"

"A treat"
Mystery People DAMNATION.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 190.9 KB "Gritty new hero"

"A touch of noir to Swiss banking"
DAMNATION swissinfo.pdf
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criminally good "I did my military service as a cyclist."

"high-stakes race against the clock"
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RivetingReviews "Film rights, please?"

DAMNATION RivetingReviews by Max Easterm
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 “Brilliant thriller.” TripFiction - “Enormous pace. A treat.” Mystery People - “Top-notch crime fiction!” Buchjournal - “Breath-taking action.” Buchmagazin - “Utterly convincing thriller” Neue Westfälische - “Brilliantly constructed thriller!” Deutsche Presse Agentur dpa - “Great storyteller, intelligent reading.” Berner Zeitung - “Awesome!” Coopzeitung - “A truly international thriller” Rhein-Main-Magazin - “Fast-paced international thriller” Tourbillon Magazin - “Ingenious, tough thriller” Lübeck Kultur-Magazin - “Fascinating hero.” Anzeiger von Saanen und Gstaad - “Fast, cool and laconic, with strong women.” Sakida Interviewmagazin, Hamburg - “His name is Winter, Tom Winter.” Der Bund - “Thriller à la James Bond.” Könizer Zeitung - “Captivates readers immediately. Swiss James Bond” (9 out of 10) Krimikiosk - “Great suspense guaranteed, dry humour.” Das Hauptstadt Magazin - “Convincing, gripping.” ekz Bibliotheksservice - “Laconic and dramatic.” Telepolis - “Strong characters.” Berner Oberländer - “Gripping holiday reading.” Seniorenweb - “Breath-taking story, great finale” Buch der Woche - “Wham, bam. Scenes of deadly danger.” Thuner Tagblatt - “Great arc of suspense. Gripping from the first page to the end.” Lebenszeit - “Specacular debut.” Österreichischer Kulturpass - “Cult figure Tom Winter” Thuner Tagblatt - “My favourite investigator!” Stephanus Buchhandlung - “Accomplished characterisation.” Der Bund - “Great storytelling” Leserkanone - “Beck delivers!” Berliner Bande - “Outstanding thriller. Fascinating investigator” Tatort - “Cool, matter-of-fact, fast.” Meine-Kommissare(dot)de - “Perfect action cinema!” Laberladen - “Fast-paced” 20Minuten - “A page-turner” 100 Geschichten - “Sophisticated suspense” Dorfzeitung(dot)com - “Action-packed” Luzerner Zeitung - “The reader gets sucked in” Lesart - “From page-turner to chamber drama” Thriller&Krimiclub - “Definitely recommended reading!” Kriminetz - “Brilliant characters.” Finanz&Wirtschaft - “No Swiss author writes better thrillers” Lesefieber



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Articles about KORROSION (German 2017), the second thriller with Tom Winter.




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Söldner des Geldes

1. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch


1st Tom Winter thriller

English hardback


1st Tom Winter thriller

Englisch paperback

Μισθοφόροι του χρήματος

1st Tom Winter thriller

Greek  edition


2. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch

Spur des Geldes

3. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch