Published by Point Blank,

the crime imprint of Oneworld,

twice winner of the Man Booker Prize.


Jack Reacher meets George Smiley

in a thrilling opener to a breathtaking new series.


A charred Arab in the Swiss Alps. Dead clients are bad for business, especially for a discreet Swiss private bank. Since the sheik’s clan is invested in nuclear plants in the USA and Egypt, his death triggers alarm bells on several continents.


Taciturn Tom Winter, the bank’s head of security, not only loses a client in the helicopter crash but, with Anne, also his deputy. The former special forces commander follows the money trail through a jungle of intrigue to Cairo, Bergen, Boston and back to the mountains in the Bernese Oberland, closely watched by the NSA and others.


Together with the mysterious Egyptian businesswomen, Fatima, he discovers an explosive speculation with staggering odds, endangering the lives of thousands. A breathtaking international thriller with a fascinating new hero.


Originally published in German by Emons (2013)

Published by Point Blank, the crime imprint of Oneworld (2018) 



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Reader reviews

"Smart, analytical and mind-blowing!" T.G. 


“A terrific debut!“ T.H. - “Fascinating” C.H. - “World-class.” C.G. - “Excellent cliff hangers.” K.I. - “I devoured this book!” P.T. - “Smart, analytical and erotic. Mind-blowing!“ T.G. - “A truly gripping thriller.” A.B. - “A must-read!“ D.M - “I had a very short night!” N.T. “Extremely gripping. I've seldom read a book, so densely packed with action scenes.” U.K. - “Full of word plays and eloquence.” A.C. - “To be honest, I'm really impressed.” C.F. - “Absorbing story against a very realistic backdrop.” T.G. - “I put aside the latest book by my favourite author and read it in one breath! It’s full of suspense right up until the end.” S.D. - “Thrilling!” M.I. - “Linguistic virtuosity at an astoundingly high level.” E.H. - “Cool hero. As good as John Grisham!” T.S. - “THE tip for cold days!“ C.M. - “Hopefully the next winter will come soon.” F.G.


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Media reviews

"No Swiss author writes better thrillers"  Lesefieber


“Top-notch crime fiction!” Buchjournal - “Breath-taking action.” Buchmagazin - “Utterly convincing thriller” Neue Westfälische - “Brilliantly constructed thriller!” Deutsche Presse Agentur dpa - “Great storyteller, intelligent reading.” Berner Zeitung - “Awesome!” Coopzeitung - “A truly international thriller” Rhein-Main-Magazin - “Fast-paced international thriller” Tourbillon Magazin - “Ingenious, tough thriller” Lübeck Kultur-Magazin - “Fascinating hero.” Anzeiger von Saanen und Gstaad - “Fast, cool and laconic, with strong women.” Sakida Interviewmagazin, Hamburg - “His name is Winter, Tom Winter.” Der Bund - “Thriller à la James Bond.” Könizer Zeitung - “Captivates readers immediately. Swiss James Bond” (9 out of 10) Krimikiosk - “Great suspense guaranteed, dry humour.” Das Hauptstadt Magazin - “Convincing, gripping.” ekz Bibliotheksservice - “Laconic and dramatic.” Telepolis - “Strong characters.” Berner Oberländer - “Gripping holiday reading.” Seniorenweb - “Breath-taking story, great finale” Buch der Woche - “Wham, bam. Scenes of deadly danger.” Thuner Tagblatt - “Great arc of suspense. Gripping from the first page to the end.” Lebenszeit - “Specacular debut.” Österreichischer Kulturpass - “Cult figure Tom Winter” Thuner Tagblatt - “My favourite investigator!” Stephanus Buchhandlung - “Accomplished characterisation.” Der Bund - “Great storytelling” Leserkanone - “Beck delivers!” Berliner Bande - “Outstanding thriller. Fascinating investigator” Tatort - “Cool, matter-of-fact, fast.” Meine-Kommissare(dot)de - “Perfect action cinema!” Laberladen - “Fast-paced” 20Minuten - “A page-turner” 100 Geschichten - “Sophisticated suspense” Dorfzeitung(dot)com - “Action-packed” Luzerner Zeitung - “The reader gets sucked in” Lesart - “From page-turner to chamber drama” Thriller&Krimiclub - “Definitely recommended reading!” Kriminetz - “Brilliant characters." Finanz&Wirtschaft” - “No Swiss author writes better thrillers” - Lesefieber


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For media enquiries, please contact Oneworld's Margot Weale (UK) and Becky Kraemer (USA) or Peter Beck directly.

Peter Beck

 Meet the author





Peter Beck comes from Bern, Switzerland, where he studied Psychology and Economics and gained a doctorate. He went on to do an MBA in the UK at Manchester Business School. He has a black belt in judo, was an executive board member of a large Swiss company and sat on several non-executive boards.


Today he is his own boss and divides his time between writing the Tom Winter thrillers and supporting businesses in shaping their corporate culture. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers and the German-speaking crime writers' association, Syndikat.  He is fluent in English.    


Contact the author: info@peter-beck.net

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 Jamie Bulloch


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An interview with Peter Beck

about his debut thriller and its hero, Tom Winter


It’s often said that the Swiss are a bit boring. How come you wrote such an action-packed, fast-paced thriller?

Still waters run deep... Personally, I’ve been reading thrillers in English for years and so I write what I like reading myself. For me good entertainment needs a cool hero, speed and cliffhangers. The readers should have bloody fingernails. 


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The second Tom Winter thriller



A caramelised baker. A lonely old woman, beaten to death at Christmas finished off with a needle through an eye. The suspect, a Sudanese refugee, gone into hiding. The dead widow not only leaves behind a million-dollar inheritance, but also a bitter accusation: from beyond the grave, she claims that one of her children killed her husband.

Tom Winter, the laconic head of security of her Swiss private bank, tracks down the children in the Azores, Manchester and Nuremberg, and finds himself entangled in a horrifying net of abuse, exploitation and revenge. 


Published in German by Emons (2017)

To be published by Oneworld in English

Photo by Peter Hirzel (Instagramm and flickr)


1st Tom Winter thriller


2nd Tom Winter thriller


3rd Tom Winter thriller