broken hand

 A charred Arab. Dead clients are bad for the bank. In life, he was invested globally in critical infrastructures. His death causes the blood pressure to rise, not only in oh-so pretty Switzerland. Tom Winter, the Swiss bank’s head of security, and the mysterious Fatima follow the money trail. It takes them through Switzerland, to Cairo, Bergen, Boston and back to the Bernese Oberland.


Watched by the NSA, they uncover explosive material and speculation. And suddenly go from being the hunters to the hunted. Taciturn and laconic, the former special forces commander Winter fights his way through the jungle of intrigue with dry humor. A breath-taking international thriller with high stakes, shifting ground, some erotic adventures and a fascinating new hero.



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"Tom Winter had had a long day and wasn’t in the mood to deal with a dead body”.


"The Arabs come, buy and make a killing”.


"His tendon tearing sounded like a guitar string snapping”.


"A grill-encased lightbulb dimly lit the mouldering ammunition store. The sodden air stank of sulphur, urine, decomposition and rot”. 




Söldner des Geldes

1. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch


1st Tom Winter thriller

English hardback


1st Tom Winter thriller

Englisch paperback

Μισθοφόροι του χρήματος

1st Tom Winter thriller

Greek  edition


2. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch

Spur des Geldes

3. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch