Praise from readers

“Fascinating”   C.H.

“World-class.”   C.G.  

“A must-read!“   D.M

“A terrific debut!“    T.H.

“Excellent cliff hangers.”    K.I.

“THE tip for cold days!“   C.M.

“Devoured it. Super writing.”   R.G.

 “To be honest, I'm really impressed.”   C.F.

“Hopefully the next winter will come soon.”   F.G.

“Smart, analytical and erotic. Mind-blowing!“   T.G.

 “Absorbing story against a very realistic backdrop.”   T.G.

“Linguistic virtuosity at an astoundingly high level.”  E.H.

“I read it in one go. Cool hero, great book. As good as John Grisham!”   T.S.

 “Read it on a week-end in one go and looking forward to the sequel.”  M.R.

“I devoured this book! It reads really well. Looking forward to the sequal.”    P.T.

“Thrilling! Works very well in the current situation in the financial markets.”   M.I.

“Full of word plays and eloquence. I can recommend (it) without hesitation.”   A.C.

“A truly gripping thriller. … Readers will be hooked. We’re hoping for more Tom Winter adventures.”   A.B.

“Extremely gripping - couldn’t go to sleep. I've seldom read a book, so densely packed with action scenes.”   U.K.

“I had a very short night! The ending is amazingly tense. The description of the characters is really well done.”    N.T.

“I put aside the latest book by my favourite author … and read it in one breath! ... It’s full of suspense right up until the end.”   S.D.



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1st Tom Winter thriller


2nd Tom Winter thriller


3rd Tom Winter thriller

Söldner des Geldes

1. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch


1st Tom Winter thriller

English hardback


1st Tom Winter thriller

Englisch paperback

Μισθοφόροι του χρήματος

1st Tom Winter thriller

Greek  edition


2. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch

Spur des Geldes

3. Tom Winter Thriller

Deutsch Taschenbuch