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International Thriller Writers, ITW, the ‘Big Thrill’ interview. Read it here.



“Breath-taking action.”   Buchmagazin


“Specacular debut.”   Österreichischer Kulturpass


“His name is Winter, Tom Winter.”   Der Bund


“Intelligent and pleasurable reading.”   Berner Zeitung


“Thriller à la James Bond.”   Könizer Zeitung


“A fast-paced thriller. I can only recommend it.”   Berliner Bande


“Captivates readers immediately… Swiss James Bond” (9 out of 10)   Krimikiosk


“Fascinating new hero. … Everything a good thriller needs: action, suspense and a touch of erotic.”   Anzeiger von Saanen und Gstaad


“Fast, cool and laconic … with strong women.”   Sakida Interviewmagazin, Hamburg


“Great suspense guaranteed … dry humour.”   Das Hauptstadt Magazin


“Fast-paced international thriller”   Tourbillon Magazin


“Convincing, gripping.”   ekz Bibliotheksservice


“Laconic and dramatic.”   Telepolis


“Strong characters.”   Berner Oberländer


“Gripping holiday reading.”   Senioweb


“Breath-taking story … great finale”   Buch der Woche


“Wham, bam … Scenes of deadly danger.”   Thuner Tagblatt


“Great arc of suspense. … Gripping from the first page to the end.”   Lebenszeit



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2nd Tom Winter thriller


3rd Tom Winter thriller